Sallyane S. Cotter


Sallyane S. Cotter is the newest addition to our team and is from Saint Lucia with 11 years’ call to the Bar.

She is a Graduate of BBP Law School, London, England, King’s College London University, England both in the United Kingdom and a past graduate of the Law Faculty, University of the West Indies. She has been called to the Bar of the United Kingdom in 2005, Bar of Saint Lucia in 2005 and the Bar of Grenada in 2016. She was in public service for over nine (9) years in the Legal field and has experience in Probate and Administration of Estate law, Environmental Law, Energy Law and Regulation. 

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Sallyane is a member of the Bar of the United Kingdom and the Saint Lucian Bar Association. She is also a member of the Saint Lucia National Trust.

Areas of legal expertise

Her areas of legal expertise are:

  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Trust Law
  • Probate and Administration of Estate Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Energy Law
  • Energy Regulation



  • Awards for Cambridge subjects- History and Sociology
  • Academic Excellence Award in Cambridge exams
  • Several Environmental Law training programs on Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA)s


Sallyane has a specialized Masters of Law degree in Commercial and Corporate Law with specialization in Insurance Law, Insolvency Law, Company Law and International and Comparative Trust Law from King’s College London University in the United Kingdom. 

Having worked in the Registry of the Supreme Court, Sallyane has a very good understanding of the rules of Court, public service and the court system of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). In 2012 she became one of the first Legal Advisers for the newly formed Energy and Environment Ministry. This propelled her into formulating policy and legal advice for all environmental legal matters such as Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA)s related to water, forestry, climate change and sustainable development for the Government of Saint Lucia. Her expertise has also extended into Energy law, where she has advised on matters relating to energy, renewable energy, regulation of the sector and establishing the legal framework. She has been instrumental in helping shape a new draft energy sector legal framework for Saint Lucia. 

Sallyane has represented Saint Lucia in a number of environmental fora and has also represented the Government of Saint Lucia on contract negotiations for renewable energy projects such as geothermal energy. 

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