A second Passport


The newest and most exciting Citizenship by Investment opportunity in the Caribbean. Grenada has launched its CBI Program more than 4 years ago. Our Lawyers are Government Approved Licenced Agents ready and able to process your applications for citizenship.

The main qualifying requirements are as follows:

  1. Legitimate source of funds
  2. Passport photographs
  3. Copies of current passports
  4. Copies of current IDs
  5. Birth certificate
  6. Bank reference
  7. Professional reference
  8. Proof of source of funds
  9. CV
  10. Proof of address
  11. Academic certificates
  12. Medical tests

The list is not exhaustive. Please visit the official Government CBI website at www.cbi.gov.gd for more information on the options to leading to citizenship, the list of authorised Agents and the list of approved real estate and other projects into which your family may make a qualifying investment. 

Benefits of the Grenada Program

  1. Quick easy processing time
  2. Friendly effective and efficient agents
  3. Solid and well managed program
  4. Visa free access to over 120 countries worldwide including to the UK and Schengen
  5. E2 Investor Visa Treaty access available for qualifying applicants
  6. A very safe and friendly country
  7. Citizenship in a country that is a Member of the Commonwealth of Nations, CARICOM